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Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

I'd like to say a massive thank you to the wonderful Amy from batwings and lashes. So I'm a little unprepared as I never expected to be nominated for anything and it might not be the biggest award in the world, but it's nice to know people actually read the stuff I write and like it. 

Also, like Amy, I never knew this award existed until I was nominated, and to say it's a little encouraging gem in the world of blogging is an understatement.

A few basic rules to share with you all once nominated/awarded, all you got to do is thank the blogger who nominated you, nominate 15 other bloggers whom you love and then share seven facts about yourself. All these rules can be found on the versatile blogger award webpage.

So once again Thank you Amy, and here's seven random and cringe worthy facts about myself.

1. I'm addicted to Starbucks signature caramel hot chocolate. It may be overly priced but my inner chocolate lover self seems to focus more on the product in the cup than the money I'm handing over on a weekly basis. I have cut down though as the calories are immense and as a student, it's hard to spend 5 euro a day on hot chocolate.

2. I've been writing since I was nine. I started writing about the Bratz as I was super obsessive with the Cartoon. I would write spin-offs to episodes I had just watched. The first one I ever wrote and I still remember to this day was just after an episode about prom, but instead of it all ending in happy ever after I made all the girls lose their dates and limo and have a horrible prom night and fight, and I think it ended somewhere along the lines of them going on a camping trip to make up and bond once again but that also ended horribly, I was a little..evil in that sense, but I didn't understand perfect fairytale endings like that back then.

3. I am a huge Disney lover, I grew up on Disney and it shall forever be in my heart. I've learnt a lot of morals and life lessons through old Disney films. My all time favourites are the main originals as I call them, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin (I love Genie), Snow White, Seeping Beauty, The lion King, Lilo & Stitch and my all time favourite has to be The Little Mermaid. I also love Monsters Inc and after Disney took over pixar I suppose I could add that into my favourites too.

4. I love old school Hollywood films, Marilyn Monroe is my ultimate woman as I call her. I know she had her issues but what I took from her life is that even if you have your issues you work hard, produce good work, live life, have as much fun as possible, and unfortunately her issues took the best of her. I also love Jane Russel, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean, and many more.

5. I am a reformed fangirl, using my previous boy band fangirl powers for good now. Less dramatic wailing and more cries and screams for beauty bargains and my favourite movies. Yes I still may have boy band crushes, and go to see boy bands live, but I swear my days of pushing up front to glimpse a band member are far behind. Unless it's The 1975, Bastille or some like Nicki Minaj!

Okay maybe my fangirl days aren't that far behind me. Oh well, I have some good memories growing up.

6. A few of my favourite songs are, The 1975- You, Fountains of Wayne- Stacy's Mom, Nicki Minaj- Win Again, Ellie Goulding- Your Song (Love her version). I tend to listen to stuff that makes me feel happy, and good, as I'm a pretty bubbly person and love a good sing song, so anything catchy, up beat or just plain beautiful, I will love.

7. I love animals, especially Snow Leopards, Panda's, Elephants, and of course Cats! I'm known as the crazy cat lady, they are my ultimate loves. As I say they're perfect for a lazy person, no walking, just cuddles and of course I love their Sassy personalities. I have had four cats in total in my 20 years of life, Unfortunately one ran away and another one passed away, but I have Fluffy, whom I've had for 17 nearly 18 years and then the newest addition to the family, little Ariel, who is going 3 months this month.

That's the facts, now here's my nominee's.

I Nominate:
Rachel from Rachy Ray Babe 
Nicole from Nicolette 
Hareem from I Heart Me xo
Sophie from Follow Your Arrow
Rosie from Rosie Louise Love 
Nadine from The Parma Violet
Filomena from Enhance Whats Yours
Sarah Jane from Sarah Jane Allen 1993
Immy from Immy Op 

It was hard for me to just pick 15 people but I finally did it, until next time..

Stay Fab!
-Melody x


  1. Great post! Thanks for nominating me!x

  2. Sooo happy to be nominated for this! Never heard of it till now, but I'm gonna research it, and do a little something tomorrow!!