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Thursday 8 October 2015

SoSo Unicorn Dust!


Hello Lovelies!
Last week I was kindly gifted a bottle of Unicorn Dust from the SoSu collection by Suzanne Jackson. I'm a huge fan of Suzanne and her polishes so when I saw I had gotten the one polish I couldn't ever find in store, I was over the moon. 

I'm a glitter addict and I love my long nails so as soon as I twisted the cap off my polish I was off on a wild painting spree and ended up with every nail full of Unicorn Dust, but I'm not complaining. 

I fell in love with how my nails turned out (seen above). I was surprised at the intensity of just one coat of polish as glitter polishes are usually just a thin layer and practically see through, no base colour was needed though, I just applied straight onto my nails and they dried instantly. 

I also got so many compliments on my nails over the course of the week it was hard not to love the extra bit of attention on my beauty details.

I applied two coats in total, just to be sure and then a top coat to seal off. My nails lasted me a solid five days and after that I reapplied a fresh set of nails and the same polish, I am obsessed!!

It also didn't chip or fall off my nails unlike other glitter polishes I have used in the past. The moment I see another Unicorn Dust in store I will be buying five bottles. 

SoSu polishes are available in Pennys and stores nationwide and retail at just over 7 euro. Expensive, but worth the price in my opinion as I have never had a problem with chipping or coverage even with solid colours. 

You can also pick up the A/W collection now in stores!

Stay Fab, 

Melody x

Tuesday 29 September 2015

All things Cocoa Brown, Event, New Products and Goodies!

This weekend I got the fantastic opportunity to attend another fabulous Cocoa Brown event. The #PassionPersistencePink event took place in the Shelbourne Hotel in Stephen's Green. I met up with the beautiful Amy from WhatSheDoesNow and we attended the event together. Check her out!

When we arrived we got to meet and get our photo's taken with Marissa Carter, Cocoa Brown's leading lady if you didn't know already, and the wonderful Julia Carta, world class hair and make up artist to the celeb's such as Britney Spears, Keira Knitghley, Orlando Bloom and many more! She is now Chief Make Up Designer on X- Factor since 2012 and has worked on BGT, Pop Idol and numerous TV and red carpet events. You can check out Julia and her work on her site, juliacarta.com.

After a quick meet and greet we took our seats in the great hall which was filled with big round tables, flowers, giant screens focused on the main stage and pink mood lighting. The ambience and design of the room was everything I expected from the Cocoa Brown girls.

The room when the lights went down! That pink glow ♥

Myself and the fab Amy (Left) from WhatSheDoesNow!

First up Marissa made a little speech and chatted for awhile, we had ombre lip demo's from three fabulous bloggers/make up artists, Rosie Connolly, AJ Make Up and Tara O'Farrell. Marissa also joined in the fun. Then we had a tontouring demo from Marissa who brought her gorgeous sister on stage as her model.

There were spot prizes galore! Every few minutes someone was getting a penny's voucher or we were looking for stickers on our chairs and cups to win something. The prizes/surprises were all very organised. Marissa was very excited and it was great to see her enjoying herself so much, she is a wonderful inspiration and a great speaker and had me laughing with tears at one stage.

The main reason everyone was super excited was for the reveal of the two new Cocoa Brown products! Just before we were treated to afternoon tea the CB girls gave out our swag bags, which we weren't allowed to peek into until Marissa revealed the products, which most of you know by now are two fabulous tanning gels available in Shimmer and Matte!

Our swag bags.
The cutest CB style Cupcakes!

 I will have a review on both up very soon but until then here's a sneak peek and all the details!

Available to pre-order NOW on cloud10beauty.com.
Available in all Cocoa Brown stockists 12th of October!


LEFT- Flormar Lippy/Liner- CENTRE- NEW CB MITT- RIGHT- REN 1 Min Facial

LEFT- COLAB Dry Shampoo- CENTRE- SoSu Polish- RIGHT- Wet De-tangle Brush

LEFT- Revo Lip Balm- CENTRE- Two Discounts- RIGHT- HASK shampoo/conditioner

After having a rummage through our swag bags and digging into our afternoon tea it was time for a quick Q&A with Marissa and the onto a make up master demo with Julia. Julia showed us some amazing beauty tips and tricks, fabulous products and answered questions, she was an absolute gem and I was in awe at her work. Watching her use such minimal products and brushes was fascinating and motivating.

The day was so well organised and so much fun, one of the best events I have been to in a very long time! 

I'm super excited to try the new products and will have a review very, very, very soon!!

Lots of love, 

Melody x

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Miss Fit Skinny Tea- 14 day Teatox

Two weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and purchase myself a teatox. It had been something I wanted to try for awhile but after the infamous pill and teatox scandal at the beginning of the year, I was slightly put off. Finally I decided to research into a Miss Fit Skinny Tea, simply because I had seen so many raving reviews from fellow bloggers and slimming world members. 

I wanted to try something that would give me a boost but mainly help with my bloating. I took the weightloss as a bonus even though it's part of the package. 

The number one reason I chose Miss Fit Skinny Tea was their 100% natural ingredients. I'm not into the whole diet pill trend or supplement and finding something that was completely natural and hadn't got a laxative effect was my main goal. To top it all off Miss Fit Skinny Tea is completely Irish too which meant I didn't have to wait long for shipping. 

I choose to order the 14 day teatox package as this was my first time and I didn't want to purchase the full month just in case It didn't work for me, so it was somewhat a long haul trial for two weeks.

In total I spent €32 euro for the 14 day tea, strawberry infuser (which you need) and delivery, which to me wasn't a bad price. You also receive a meal plan but as I am in slimming world I stuck to my own plan. 

Week 1

I started on the Thursday it arrived. Each day I would have four cups split up. Day one I got a little bit over excited and had three cups in the space of an hour, which I felt might not have been the best choice but I learnt from my first error and began spacing the tea out. 

My first impressions were good, it wasn't overpowering taste wise and easy to drink.

The instructions were also easy to follow and on the back of the packaging is a quick step by step. I also loved the packaging the tea comes in. 

Teatox & Strawberry Infuser.

Week 1 my motivation was at a high, I had an okay weightloss in slimming world too, wasn't my best but it also wasn't the worst. 

I started noticing changes in my body after two days, especially with the bloating, my bloating went down completely. The tea also helps to suppress your appetite so it helps with the dreaded 'picking' that I tend to get when I'm hungry and see food, I had one bar of chocolate that week as a treat and even then I didn't really want it and usually I'd choose any chocolate over a meal. 

Week 2

At this point I was starting to notice a big difference, unfortunately I'm not that confident yet to show before and after photos, but I noticed my bloating was still gone and my body was looking more toned and in proportion, which is not something I had expected from a teatox. I couldn't put the toning down to exercise as I only worked out twice in the these two weeks since I was so busy. Shame on me!

Seeing the difference in my body even though the scales hadn't moved much gave me the motivation to aim for a big weightloss at my next weigh-in.

I must admit, I made a rookie mistake in my first week and didn't drink a lot of water which I think may have effected my SW results but week two I stuck to the four cups a day of my teatox and 1.5-2L of water a day. 

End Result

After my 14 day's my body shape changed, I was more toned, my energy levels had definitely increased and bloating was almost a thing of the past. Now, 14 days later, I feel less likely to pick up chocolate, I'm motivated and I got an okay weightloss.

The instagram photo's of before and afters I had seen were a reality for myself and it gave me a massive boost in my own body confidence.

I will have a before and after photo on my instagram over the next few days.

Would I buy Miss Fit Skinny Tea again? 

Yes I would! I hope to buy the 28 day package next possibly before Christmas if I need a boost or after Christmas to help with the damage that will be caused from the constant holiday parties and family fun. The taste was fine, it wasn't intense, I felt I could easily slip in the four cups of teatox into my daily routine. You can drink it hot or cold also which is a bonus if you're on the go. 

In total I lost 5 pounds over the course of drinking Miss Fit Skinny Tea and as I had been going up and down for the weeks prior to drink the teatox. I expect I would have lost more if I had stuck to the meal plan given to me but I stuck to my own SW plan and I'm happy with the results, even though the weightloss wasn't massive the difference in body shape was a surprising bonus.

Lots of love, 
Melody x

You can purchase Miss Fit Skinny Tea online at missfitskinnytea.ie.
Check out their product and extra's on their instagram at missfitskinnytea
Or contact them on their twitter at mfskinnytea


Thursday 17 September 2015

Top Five Contour Budget Buys!

Every girl, guy, mother, aunt and even your pet probably know what contouring is by now. Over the past year this everyday make up essential (at least for myself) has blown up across the world. I blame the Kardashians and their over sharing of their perfect cheekbones. 

Of course contouring like a pro isn't easy but now all you have to do is Youtube 'Contouring' and you've got ton's of video's for beginners, everyday looks, cream contouring and the weirdest of the bunch, contouring like a clown. Yes you read right, clown contouring has become a thing. 

I myself can't go a day without contour, I like to think of myself as an Irish Kim K. Of course I'm kidding, my contouring skills will never be on the same level as the Kardashian's make up artists but a girl can try and with trying come's practice, blending and a good contour kit. 

I've compiled my top five contouring kits and compacts that are perfect for beginners and won't break the bank.

Sleek | Face Contour Kit


Duo compact which comes in three shades, light, medium and dark. The contour itself is a matte finish which is perfect for every day wear and the highlight has a shimmer finish which will help catch the light and add more definition to your face. This duo is available in all boots retailers and online for €8.49. 

Perfect for your handbag.

Wet N Wild | Mega Glo Illuminating Powder


This quad compact is perfect for every day wear. Spotlight Bronze is perfect to pop onto your cheeks for a quick contour fix. It is available if four quad compact shades, including a rose version for a pop of colour. Perfect for anyone in a rush or on the go. 
Mega Glo is available to order online from the american site and is priced at $3.99 which is roughly €4.50.

Maybelline | Master Sculpt


One of the latest contouring products on the beauty high-street, Maybelline have brought out a perfect contouring kit. This mini-kit is a three step process and has a built in guide engraved within the product. Not only having a mini guide, this compact also comes with a brush perfect for angling your contour. If you're a beginner and practising I would highly recommend this affordable compact as it comes with a brush already, has a step by step guide and is easy to match to your skin tone. It comes in two shade options, light-medium and medium-dark.

Master Sculpt is available in Boots nationwide and online for €9.99. 

Collection | Contour Kit


Collection is known for its affordability and it is one of my favourite drugstore brands. Recently collection brought out a basics contour kit, which I have purchased and will be trying very soon. 
It's a duo compact and comes in one colour option as far as I am aware. Which I assume is perfect for building upon and finding an intensity that suits your skin tone. 

It's available in boots nationwide or superdrug and also online for €5.79.

Seventeen | Define and Conquer contour kit


My go to contour kit of the moment, I purchased this beauty last month and have been using it ever since. It's a duo compact and comes with a mirror which is handy when you're out and about. 
It comes in two colour options, fair and medium and easy to build to an intensity you like. I use it for everyday natural wear and going out and find it perfect for both situations. Both powders are a matte finish and easy to blend. It also comes with a mini contouring guide which is perfect for beginners.

Available in boots nationwide or online for €8.49.

lots of love, 
Melody x

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Blogging Break, The future and Plans!

Hello again. It's been quite awhile since I've sat down to write a blog post and if I'm going to be honest, I'm terrified. Blogging was such a big part of my life over the past year and after this long break, I'm afraid people will think I'm a slacker or I have no drive, which is true in some sense. 

I lost motivation and passion over the past few weeks, not something I'm proud to admit but I'm sure fellow bloggers and people out there can connect on some level with losing your spark or flare for something. I got highly anxious about blog posts, over thinking every detail and soon enough I was too afraid to write anything, let alone post it. 

Over the past few weeks family and friends have been begging me to get back to doing the one thing I love most and I was actually kind of good at, and I kept putting it off not even logging on to my blog at all at some points, but finally I am back. I have had a long think, I've written a plan and I've finally felt good enough to admit my faults during my break and decided that I shouldn't care what others may like and may not like. Feedback is great and that's part of the deal but I need to learn how to take bad feedback and criticism and make it constructive.

I'm working on a new blog layout, which I postponed over the break but I am back to designs, logo's and maybe even a new URL in the pipe line but until then I will be back posting weekly. At the moment I'm aiming for two posts, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday and leave the weekend free for random or spontaneous posting, but for now the two set days of posting will be Tuesday and Thursday.

I am so glad to be back and I know it won't be easy as I'll be starting from scratch but nothing comes easy and hard work and dedication is key. 

So this Thursday I will have a brand new post and maybe some updates on the new layout. 

Thank you and stay fab! 

Melody x

Monday 13 July 2015


Hello lovelies. Today's post is the first one back in my new lease of blog life, and I'm a bit nervous that I've chosen such a broad and personal topic to discuss but at the same time it's very fitting.

If you're anything like me at the moment, working on your body and paying to do so, maybe a fellow slimming world member, then you know the struggle every slimming world member goes through but this struggle isn't just within the minds of a member, it's in the minds of men and women all over the world.

Whether you're happy with your body or not, working on it or just living your life with the recommended exercise, everyone at one point will feel defeated in their own skin. Unfortunately on a regular basis my defeat comes with weight and body shape like many other people, so that is why I pay and look for help and support in my local slimming world group.

I've noticed lots of blogger's recently discussing their slimming world and weight loss journeys.

The weight loss woes as I like to call them, the guilt trip you give yourself if you step out of line for even a second or the fluctuating weight between weigh-ins, and yes every slimming world member has been told not to weigh yourself in between weigh-in's but It's a habit I can't break.

Since starting in February of this year, I have lost just under two and a half stone, but I lost the majority of that weight in five weeks and very quickly and as I see the pounds slow down and hit a regular routine now, I still feel defeated when I don't loose what I thought I would.

I don't know if it's just the past few weeks, especially during my unscheduled blogging break, that I felt the worst of the weight loss woes, when I thought I'd reach a certain goal sooner rather then later, but I have to remember I did have a two week holiday and still lost weight.

I think us as people, whether it's losing weight or something else you're working on, we need to remember that were not going to reach such big targets we set for ourselves without reaching small ones first, and as my weight loss is the one constant thing in my life at the moment, almost a job in itself, I need to remember that smaller goals are easier to achieve. 

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to set smaller goals, like meal plans and smaller loses on the scales instead of focusing on my overall target number.
Sometimes you get bogged down with the numbers and lose the whole point of slimming world, which is to better your eating habits and lifestyle, have a balanced and healthy diet and lose weight at the same time. 

Focusing on smaller goals might be tough, but I'm sure you can all agree that it's probably an easier option then that big target weight looming over your head. 

If you're similar to myself, then I speak to myself and you too, that we must remember that the number on the scale, although it isn't a massive deal on a daily basis, it is a big deal to us but it shouldn't be, we must focus on good food and a healthy lifestyle and our bodies will follow, I think that's something I definitely need to remember in the future. 

Stop over thinking and start living, choose an apple instead of a bar of chocolate and sure if you choose the chocolate, it's not the end of the world!

I'm thinking of sharing my slimming world journey with you all eventually, as of now that's not something I'm super comfortable with, but sharing these few quick thoughts is something I'm glad to share as I know it's a big deal for everyone no matter who you are. 

I wrote an article for an online publication on self body image and gave grave detail into my life that I shouldn't have a few years ago, so I am wary now, especially on this blog as the basis of my blog isn't based on the details of my life. Some thing's are meant to be private.

I hope you lovelies understand and of course I'll share recipes I love and places that suit the SW lifestyle and little milestones, but I'm not going to completely chuck all the beauty loving out the window as this is just a little part of my life and beauty is a major daily part too. 

I will have a new beauty post in the next week along with some updates on the blog progress and more. 

Lots of love, 
Melody x

Thursday 28 May 2015

The Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2015

Hello lovelies, Thursday night was crazy and such an experience and of course, like all events and things I do, I want to share it all with you guys. Unfortunately my blogger didn't upload this on Monday and I was so busy with Graduation I didn't even realise so finally, here we go.

Over the past few weeks I found out I was originally long-listed for Best New Blog in the Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2015. Then the week prior to the awards I was informed I was short-listed!

The awards were on Thursday just gone, the 21st of May. I was contacted by the wonderful organiser Lisa who informed me of the short-list nomination and gave me the details.

First off I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who voted for me in the run up to the long-list and to the judges who seen something in my baby blog as I like to call it. It was a surreal experience and one I was highly humbled to be a part of. Being short-listed has boosted my confidence in my baby blog and made me appreciate the power of the internet and how in just a short few months you can gain recognition and connect with so many people over a passion you have.

The Event

Thursday came around pretty quick and after getting ready for hours on end and meeting my wonderful date and best friend Trish, we headed to the awards.

They were held in Lillies Bordello in Dublin City Centre.

Complimentary Vodka and Cranberry on arrival

When we arrived the party was already in full swing and I met Lisa on the way in who was so welcoming and handed us our goodie bags and gave us details on the event and plan for the night, then directed us to the VIP area up the stairs where we remained for the night.

There was finger food, cupcakes from Jen's Couture Cakes, which were to die for, and we got a free drink and amazing service from the staff of Lillies, so prop's up to the staff who were probably a little overwhelmed at such a big event.

TanOrganic Cupakes made by Jen's Couture Cakes...Amazing!

My favourite thing about the awards was it was in aid of Breast Cancer Ireland, an amazing organisation.

After meeting up with two wonderful blogger friends of mine, Cat from Mentally Beautiful and Amy from What She Does Now and also a fellow nominee, we had a few drinks, ate some food and gossiped like all beauty lovers do.

The awards started at half nine, a half hour later than expected and went on for an hour, there was various spokespersons and lots of amazing bloggers.

Congratulations to all who won, it was well deserved to all and to all the fellow nominee's continue to be proud of your work! Everyone involved and present was hard working and deserved to be long-listed, short-listed and to win.

I didn't win my category but the wonderful 'The Beauty Inbox' did, which was amazing and I was so happy for her.

After the awards ceremony, there was a raffle which the proceeds went to Breast Cancer Ireland and then drinks and more dancing till all hours.

What I Wore

Statement Necklace*: iClothing
Black Drape Dress: River Island
Available in store
Black/Gold heels: NewLook
Available in store / online

Over all it was a wonderfully organised event and I look forward to attending future awards in support of such a hard working online community! Nominated or not, it is an event every blogger should attend, it's free and in aid of an amazing cause!

Thank you to the wonderful team behind the awards, especially Lisa who made it all happen and who was super helpful and to all the lovely new bloggers I spoke to that night who were humbling and welcoming into the wider group.

Congratulations once again to all the winners!